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Developing Mental Toughness

The great news about mental toughness is that it can be developed.

Developing Mental Toughness generally happens by teaching you to handle stress more effectively through making fundamental changes to the way you think about problems and by teaching you the tactics and strategies that mentally tough people use.

Initially, we must identify your level of mental toughness through using either the MTQ48 or MTQ Plus psychometric tool. Once I have the results and after our analysis and reflection, I will assess your development needs you would commit to and practice using the appropriate tools or techniques. Our experience and use of  tool normally categorise the development to fit in these 5 broad groupings:

Positive Thinking

As easy as this may sound you will surprised on how negative humans are which is detrimental to high performance and even worse the damage it does to your health through severe stress.  There are many techniques for developing a ”can do” mindset which may include self-talk and stopping or reframing negative thoughts.


Watch one of your favorite sports and your you will see the top professional athletes at the top of their game through hours and hours of practice of skills and conditioning of the mind.  Visualisation has been proven by science that it can prepare the brain for high pressured situations to mitigate the risk of poor or slow decisions and the connection it has to your physiology.

Anxiety Control

Breathing exercises and relaxation techniques will enable you to deal with those panic moments when things seem out of control, producing a physiological reaction.

Goal Setting

Tools and techniques, which support the development of your sense of purpose and how to set about achieving it.

Attentional Control

Used extensively by sports coaches to teach how to focus better and for longer.  Developing mindfulness which is learning how to notice what is around you.

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