Team Coaching (4 packages)

Strategic Alignment

Strategic alignment is the cornerstone of great performance and great leadership. Without it, organisations begin to show the wear and tear from conflicting strategies and priorities, and ultimately, performance can suffer. I coach teams to improve their Strategic Alignment to get everyone in all directions get on the same page on vision, goals, and priorities.

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Communication and Style Alignment

Effective leadership teams take the time to understand how the communication, personality and leadership styles of its members affect the team as a whole. I work with leadership teams to build a deep awareness of the team’s profile and fosters a proactive approach to managing varying styles.

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Trust and Team Dynamics

A solid foundation of trust between leadership team members is needed to hold difficult conversations and ensure individual and collective accountability. I will coach or facilitator to support the team in strengthening the behaviors which enable trust and ensure positive team dynamics.

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Senior Intact Team Development

If Senior teams are dysfunctional the organisation suffers. How does your business stack up?  Wherever there’s a team, there’s usually dysfunction of some sort. And often the more senior the team – that’s the Board, the directors and other senior players – the more personalities, egos and agendas there are, and the more dysfunction there can be.

And these behaviours don’t go unnoticed in the business. They filter down and often pervade the entire operation!

This lack of consistent leadership, often with mixed messages, leads to poor staff morale and uncertainty, which can in turn result in low staff retention and bad customer experiences.

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