I love helping ambitious professionals build resilience & leadership skills to fortify their reputation in uncertain career landscapes.

Assisting others in thriving and navigating life’s uncertainties gives me profound meaning and purpose.

My journey, rooted in a fulfilling career in the British Military, has been diverse and exhilarating. This experience has equipped me with the expertise and authority to guide others in enhancing their leadership, fortitude, resilience, and mental strength to overcome life’s complexities, particularly in the workplace.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve transitioned this skill set and experience into the commercial realm. If you’re interested in learning more about my background and how I can help, please continue reading below.

What other Roles have I had? 
Furthermore, I have also worked on short term contracts or interim positions as an Advisor, Change Agent or Management Consultant to over 150 companies. In these roles I have providing valuable insights and solutions to enhance performance or improve organisational culture. This unique blend of work experiences enables me to bring a holistic and innovative perspective to various Human Capital challenges.

My track record reflects my ability to transform organisations, foster trust, and cultivate thriving workplace cultures to retain and evolve your best talent.

Yes I am Also an Author? 
Finally, as a bestselling author to my book BULLETPROOF LEADER, I passionately develop and share insights to help leaders thrive in high- pressure situations, reinforcing my commitment to leadership excellence and to lower the risk of derailment which could impact your credibility and longterm career path