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Leadership Development

The Leadership Problem

It is evident that conventional leadership development practices are no longer adequate.

Organisations worldwide need to incorporate next generation leadership competencies to address the development needs of their rising leaders. They must do so while embracing cross-cultural diversity and cultivating collaborative relationships inside and outside their organisations.

Our Leaders today need to have a wider skill set, one that equips them to think and act globally in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) business environment. The frenetic pace of our environment, and lack of clarity, hinders our ability to conceptualise the threats and challenges facing the organisations we lead.

The rapidly evolving challenges of this century include everything from climate change to demography, shifting customer requirements and expectations, the rise of technology, globalisation, new markets, and new attitudes toward work.

Leaders must now operate in a way that inspires and engages people, while simultaneously addressing changing customer requirements and delivering results.

Research indicates that only about 10% of managers have mastered the level of agility needed to be consistently effective and avoid burnout in today’s turbulent global workplace.

How Can I Help

Unlike many providers of leadership development programmes, I am a skilled and experienced consultant that will collaborate with you and possibly request further research if we believe together that we haven’t got to the root cause of your business leadership problem.

The more thorough we are with either a ‘Needs Analysis or consulting plan, the better your ROI on a possible solution that will stick.

I will embrace your Vision, Mission, Strategy and Values to ensure that I am putting myself into the shoes of your desired leadership needs that will be correctly aligned to your organisational culture.

Too often, many companies invest in “off the shelf’’ solutions that don’t fit with the company or even worse needed at all.

Leadership Programmes and Design Methodology

My leadership development programmes provide the structure and support to develop leaders in your organisation at all levels. They will stretch you out of your comfort zone to ensure you have the full potential and self-awareness to develop and utilse a variety of leadership tools and behaviours, that will create your own authentic brand.

They are pragmatic, using experiential learning methods combined with performance psychology and measured through individual and 360 psychometric profiling.

Your leaders will be supported post workshop through coaching and projects where they can contextualise and transfer your knowledge and skills back to the workplace.

I have designed and delivered a multitude of programmes ranging from 1 day to 2 years in content as listed below:

  • Global Leadership Programmes for International HiPo Candidates
  • Regional Programmes to Align Strategy Execution Processes and Systems.
  • Leadership for Project Managers.
  • Operational Leadership for High Pressured Environments.
  • C Suite Strategic Alignment and Cohesion
  • Fast Track Emerging Leaders

My leadership solutions are organised into 5 leadership levels:

1 Leading Self

Individual Contributors, Professional Staff and Emerging Leaders
Understanding the fundamentals and how to build your own Authentic leadership brand

2 Leading Teams

Leaders of Individual Contributors.
Enabling leaders to understand the challenges of getting results through people and learning the strategies that will improve engagement and inspire action

3 Leading Managers

Experienced Leaders who lead other Managers or Senior Professional Staff
Building capability and confidence to translate strategy into action through management teams

4 Leading Functions

Senior Leaders of Organisational Functions or Divisions
How to lead for organisational impact.

5 Leading Organisations

Top executives leading the enterprise
Building a cohesive team at the top ( C Suite) , that are able to create and communicate strategy, through alignment, trust and breaking down silo.

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