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Mental Toughness Coaching

Mental Toughness is a personality trait that determines how individuals deal with stressors, pressure and challenge…irrespective of the prevailing situation and is closely related to qualities such as character, resilience, grit and perseverance.  (click here for more info)

It can be measured and then developed to help you better manage stress and pressure and take full advantage of workplace, career and personal opportunities.

Being mentally tough brings a variety of benefits for individuals and organisations. Research conducted worldwide has concluded that those with higher levels of mental toughness, as indicated through the MTQPlus measurement tool, enjoy the following;

  • Better performance – it explains up to 25% of the variation in workplace performance.
  • Improved positivity – adoption of more of a “can do” approach which leads to greater rapport and connectivity with colleagues.
  • Greater wellbeing – more contentment and better stress management.
  • Change management – a calmer and lower stress response to organisational change.
  • Increased aspirations – greater ambition and confidence in achieving targets and a greater willingness to persevere in order to do so.

For these reasons, being mentally tough for an individual or an organisation is immensely important, especially in times of great change. All levels of leadership, new and old, and those professionals working in stressful environments of uncertainty or dynamic change need to be mentally tough.

Every individual will be different; therefore, the coaching development package will be mutually agreed with you as a client.  Below is an example of what is normally covered in a Package:

Example of a Development package

  • Personal and tailored advice and guidance on assessing and developing your mental toughness.
  • Analysis and feedback of your (MTQPlus) results.
  • Creation of an individual action plan that will give you practical exercises and strategies to develop your mental toughness.
  • Our sessions are usually in the form of four 1 hour face-to-face or skype sessions over 2 months with the opportunity to purchase more sessions if required.

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