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Strategy Execution

When Companies fail to deliver on their promises, the most frequent explanation is that the CEO’s strategy was wrong. But the strategy itself is not often the cause. Strategies most often fail because they are’t executed well. Either the organisations aren’t capable of making them happen, or the leaders of the business mismanage the challenges their companies face in the business environment, or both.

Everybody talks about change. Unless you translate big thoughts into concrete steps for action, there pointless. Without execution, the breakthrough thinking breaks down, learning adds no value, people don’t stretch their goals, and revolution stops dead in its tracks.

Execution needs to be part of a company’s strategy and its goals. To understand execution, you have to have three things in mind:

  • Execution is a discipline, and integral to strategy
  • Execution is the major job of the business operational leader
  • Execution must be a core element of the organisation’s culture

Why Execution Breaks Down ?

Execution breaks down because of conflict between your day job and the goals for moving the strategy forward.  Whilst both are important they do not get on as they both compete for time, energy and focus.

Why Do Leaders Have Difficulty In Executing Strategy?

The fundamental reason is that it requires people to change their behaviour which isn’t always easy.  Unfortunately this behaviour may even be as simple as not even knowing what the organisation goals are or even extracting them down to a level of responsibility of your team.  Team alignment is crucial down to knowing what activities are going to give you the most leverage to achieving the team goals.

How Can I Help ?

I will support you in achieving your business objectives better by improving your execution processes and developing your leaders to focus on the job to be done.  We will help shape your organisation so there is alignment from the top floor all the way down to administrators.

Our Services may include the following:

  • Building Trust, Clarity and Alignment
  • Defining a compelling Vision or Mission Statement
  • Improving planning and analysis processes
  • Improving communication and decision making through a culture of empowerment
  • Clarifying critical mindsets and behaviours needed for success
  • Building leadership at every level.

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