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Leadership 2030 Results – Hay Group

Just found an interesting quick video on the HayGroup website where their Regional Director of Leadership and Talent gives some feedback on their Leadership 2030 research results.

Interestingly he discusses what organisations in the future will need to improve on in the future with the first being an  increase in their agility to succeed and cope with global issues.  Secondly he mentions the importance of loyalty and how it will be crucial to develop good relationships with clients and employees if you are a leader.  Lastly he highlights integrity and trust and how leaders will need to sharpen up their ethics and morales due to how quickly your mistakes can be published in the media or social networks very quickly.

To me I was very surprised that these traits or behaviours are only being mentioned now on what will make the difference for the future of organisations. For years , they have been the core values of a British Soldier with the exception of agility. Nevertheless, although agility is not a core value it is the agility that makes them different and successful in any difficult environment.

Link below is the video:

Leadership 2030 results

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